Getting Leads For Your Business

There is a lot of talk about getting leads, prospects and people interested in your business.  When we look at lead generation and franchise lead generation, we are talking about the same thing.  The only difference between a general business and a franchise is that a franchise is governed by special rules that apply to all the stores.

franchise lead generation

Coming up with your campaign

The first thing that you need to do is come up with your campaign.  The campaign is nothing more than stating an objective and creating a path to achieve this objective.  When this is stated, it sets the scope for your campaign.

Crafting the irresistible offer

When getting leads you want to offer something that people can’t say no to.  This is known as the irresistible offer.  When creating this offer you want to get as many people to say yes as possible.  The more that say yes, the more leads you will have and then these leads will go into your funnel.

Know, Like and Trust

Once you have the offer you want to build know, like and trust.  You first have to introduce yourself to people and from that introduction people will know who you are, what you stand for and if they can relate to you.  From there, you will need to build on the like aspect.  If people get to know you they will start to either like what you have to say, what your personality is and more.  If they like you, they will start to warm up and move forward.

Finally, we have the trust factor.  Trust is going to be the one thing that you don’t get wrong.  Once someone trusts you, you can’t break that trust.  If you do, it can never be gotten back.  When someone trusts you, there is a bond that is created.

When you get all of these pieces and components together, then you will be able to start moving forward in creating your offer.  Once your offer is made, these rules will kick in and as a result, people will start doing business with you more and more.